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Thanks to CorvetteBlogger, a key question is asked. Here's a key paragraph:

Is the new Stingray really a “Porsche killer from Detroit” like the CNN writer explains? Probably not. Despite the Vette’s performance, (relative) affordability, and burgeoning cool factor, the Porsche brand is strong. It’s not as if all those “upside-down bathtub” fans are going to stop loving the speedster from Stuttgart. Still, the real answer lies in the numbers. If the Corvette can double or triple the sales volume of the Porsche 911, an argument for the Vette’s superior image can be made. Here’s to hoping."

The C7 Corvette Stingray ? A Porsche Killer from Detroit?

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I don't subscribe to 'group mentality' or 'social contagion' perspective of car buying. Individual's buy cars for all sorts of reasons, usually a mix of perceptions and fact. Having been a 'proud' Porsche owner I sold mine to buy the C7 because of a number of factors that 'spoke' to me. Most of my Porsche friends understand my decision and respect it. Most are really impressed by the C7, but I doubt any are rushing to get rid of their Porsche to get one. But it does make for a lively discussion as does any manufacturer to manufacturer discussion usually does amongst car enthusiasts.:cool:
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