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C7 Squealing brakes?

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my 2015 C77 (Z51- 12,000 miles) has a chronic issue with a "squealing" right rear wheel brake. Occurs when braking at a low speed approaching a stop; dry weather wet weather,whatever. Rotor and pads look fine to me so I took it to the Dealer who looked at it and said nothing wrong and then showed me a service bulletin that says one way to resolve squeal is to brake harder! Tried this but no relief. Besides, I don't think stomping on the brake is a technically acceptable solution for a sophisticated braking system on a sophisticated, high quality product like the Corvette! Anyone had this or have any thoughts on what I should instruct the Dealer to consider? Thanks!
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If this were me, I would try two things.

I would first try bedding the brakes, but not in the traditional way. Rather, what I have done in the past is just drive for a while at a constant speed (about 50 MPH) while applying the brakes hard enough to tell they are biting in and creating friction on the rotors. I would do it with the windows down, and when I started to smell them, I would release the brakes, and then drive non-stop for at least 15 minutes to let them cool down before letting the car come to a stop.

The second thing to try is to put some brake pad lubricant (grease) on the backs of the pads (the sides facing the calipers). Do make sure to get the back side completely coated, but don't put too much and go overboard because one must ensure that one DOES NOT GET ANY LUBRICANT ON THE PAD SIDE WHICH TOUCHES THE ROTORS. Also, I would put just a little bit of lubricant around the outer metallic periphery of the pad.
While the brakes are hot, DO NOT STOP. In other words, don't do this on a road with a red light or stop sign for at least 15 miles (or more) of clear sailing to make sure they are cool before the rotational motion stops.

In other words, a limited access highway is best, in my opinion.
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