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C7 Targa Top Liner and Side Covers needed! Hoping someone has a damaged top laying around!

I realize the liner is likely not reuseable since they are glued down so I might have to get new one. That said, what is the purpose of those side covers, is it to hold down the liner? Anyhoo, that part is only available at GM as part of the entire top.

Can someone look at your Targa Top and see if you can get a casting and/or part number as GM doesn't list it separately. But the parts guy at dealership sent me this email below trying to help me. Don't need latch cover but for some reason, it is attached to the picture when I upload and can't get it to go away.... Hummmm

GM Parts Counter Guy at one of the largest corvette dealer in the country told me the following:

"I called GM and told them what you needed and they said that the only way to get the trim is to get the entire top assembly. The fellow I spoke with said if you someone could look at the back of one of these covers, you may be able to get a casting number off it and then I could call him back and try to convert it to a part number. It's item 16 on the chart but it is not listed separately in system"

Side Covers for Targa Top.jpg targa_top_parts_list_.png


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