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I tracked my previous 2014 Stingray a few times, and a few days ago did my first track session with the 2015 Z06 I recently purchased. I am hoping to get some feedback on some issues my car had to see if it is normal or not. I appreciate any feedback I can get from those of you that have track experience in a Z06!
1. A month ago I put carbon ceramic brake pads on all fours to get rid of the brake dust and hopefully get better performance in high temp conditions. I broke the pads in as recommended, and in my first track session when they got real hot I had to exert a lot of pressure on the brake pedal to get any braking, and it was definitely concerning. As the brakes cooled during the session braking became normal again. On subsequent sessions I did not notice this happening nearly as much and am wondering if they needed some track heat to get properly set, or if I have other problems.
2. I added a 1.75 gallon intercooler since this car is known to have over heating issues, and while running it hard on the track my water temps never went past 220, but my oil got up to 285 and stayed in that vicinity during most of a 20 minute session. Is that normal?
3. Finally, I noticed that the car initially bogged down some when I floored it after a turn on the track. It came to life shortly after and I got good acceleration, but this seemed to get more pronounced in every session - especially towards the end of the afternoon. This didn't seem right but I really don't know - this is my first car with a supercharger.
Other than that I absolutely had a blast in the Z06 and love that I upgraded to this performance level.

Many thanks, Gary
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