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The other day I posted my personal best for my stock C8 Z06(w/ drag radials) 1/4 mile run when I went [email protected] I only posted that one run. I actually ran 11 passes that day and 6 of those 11 passes were 10.4 passes. I wanted to share this video to show people how I achieved those passes because it is not a vehicle where you can just show up and it just automatically happens. If you show up and just send it, you'll probably be 10.5-10.7. In fact my worst run was 10.70 when I spun on a launch. You really have to know how to work the launch control settings because it is not a vehicle with just one setting, you can vary the launch RPM launch between 3500-5000 RPM, and you can also very the slip percentage which is not the slip percentage of your tire, but the slip percentage in the transmission. For those who owned this car, understand that the settings are used to achieve my best passes of the day might not be settings that work for you with your car at your particular track on that particular day. You have to go do your own testing to know what's going to work for your cars combination. The information I speak about in this vide hopefully help C8Z owners understand how different changes to launch control and air pressures affect the car. Hopefully this helps anyone who plans on drag racing their C8 Z06!

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