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Mike and Courtney of Potomac, MD had their new 2014 Stingray Z51 specially prepared by Callaway...627 HP worth! Arctic White with the 2LT Adrenaline Red Competition Seats and 7spd manual. Next month the Callaway Double D exhaust gets installed and this will have it's full roar! Both Mike and Courtney are very adept at driving the stick shift, the added HP will get some getting used to as they drive with Perma-smiles! Chris Chessnoe of Callaway Cars was on hand for final instructions.

Mike and I.

~And a Gentleman from Berlin, MD picked up his Limerock Green Convt yesterday with his son. say the least! Only 4% of total 2014 Stingray production came in Limerock Green.:thumbs:

I ship Nationwide!
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