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Callaway has just released its "SC610," referring to the estimated HP of its 2014 Corvette.

Callaway states that its 610 HP; 556 TQ; 3.4 seconds:0-to-60; and 11.0 quarter mile @ 125 MPH are preliminary estimates. production to start in the first quarter of 2014, though their site notes that some options, such as CFO splitters, rockers and rear spoiler are available in "Spring, 2014."

Callaway has committed to a $22,995 price for the SC610 (however, options list is extensive and on top). Per Callaway:

"For 2014, the Chevrolet team has introduced the most sophisticated, most feature-packed Corvette to date. Since Spring of 2013, during Callaway’s earliest days evaluating the “C7″ at the GM Tech Center, we knew that we were witnessing something very special. Direct fuel injection, continuously variable valve timing and advanced engine management control architecture were just some of the techniques added for the 2014 model. The new features help allow the Callaway-modified LT1 to produce over 600 horsepower with flawless transition into and out of positive manifold pressure. Fuel economy is practically unchanged from stock as active fuel management and modulated supercharger valving sense operating conditions and respond accordingly.

This year, the Callaway Corvette supercharger has several new features. Eaton’s TVS four-lobe, high helix rotor pack is retained for its high efficiency, OEM-certified quality and service-proven reliability. However, Callaway’s new supercharger housing and manifold have been completely redesigned for improved airflow and a new intercooler configuration reduces charge air temperature. Now front-driven, the new supercharger design extends through the hood for 2014, framed by a Callaway Carbon hood surround panel and integrated underhood air extractor."
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