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Have you looked at the hood of that beautiful Stingray and felt like it just needs a little something there? Well, Callaway did. And what did they decide to put there? A huge, muscly intake manifold full of tubing, and rippling muscle. Their supercharged Stingray package will certainly not be labeled a sleeper. As if the new Stingray could be labeled a sleeper in the first place. The only thing missing is lime green paint, and a vinyl that says "This car is faster than your car, and I don't care!"

According to the graphic above, their system will be 50 state emissions compliant, and durability that is "bulletproof!" Bold claims! I guess they are pretty confident after many of the tuners out there have been snatching up Silverados for months to plan their modification paths.

There is nothing about this on their site yet, but here is the web address anyway:

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Callaway is the only aftermarket company that GM authorized to take a Corvette and modify it to race in FIA GT in Europe (a little over four weeks ago). As quoted from Racing news and race reports -, "Specialist builders like Callaway, require authorization from OEMs, like Chevrolet, to submit the homologation forms necessary to allow their version of the car to be the version allowed in FIA competition. As Callaway has just received the required letter of authorization from Chevrolet, Callaway has become the appointed specialist representative for building and holding the homologation of the Corvette C7 FIA GT3 cars. Callaway has also been the homologation holder for the Corvette C6 version of the GT3 car with the FIA. The Callaway team is currently the most successful in GT3, having taken numerous drivers and team championships from 2007 to present."

While a while ago, GM assigned the Callaway supercharged option as actual GM regular production order option, demonstrating GM's faith in Callaway's engineering and design. Personally, my choice will be between a 2015 high performance C7 Z version or a 2015 Callaway Supercharged C7, and I don't believe I can go wrong with either option.

Callaway's Supercharged C7 version should be out within the next month or two.
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