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Can I or Can't I?

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:confused:okay so I've gone through the entire RPO ordering sheet and I still can't figure this out.

Can I order a 3LZ coupe with z07 pkg with jet blk all leather competition seats and leather wrapped steering wheel? I don't want suede leather on the seats or steering wheel but it's not clear to me whether or not I must get that with the competition seats. Can anyone help Me?
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Thank you, that was very helpful. I have contacted the dealer who says he will be calling Chevrolet tomorrow to ask for a change in my order. The bad news is that the current production level code is 3000. But no production date has been set yet. I read somewhere that no changes can be made after 3000. Is there any realistic possibility that the dealer will be able to get the order changed with a phone call?
If he changes that you will revert back to code 2000 and add 3 to 4 weeks again for you to march back up the ladder… I'd leave it alone
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