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Can some one tell me what the 3LZ package comes with?

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Can some one please tell me what the 3LZ package comes with?

I know you guys have broken down all the options but can not find them.

I place my order for a 3LZ and really don't know the exact details.:(

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Is it worth it to go to 3LZ when I can go 2LZ plus Nav and still save $3585? So for the $3585 I get upgraded leather seats, microfiber roof liners, and leather trim on dash, doorsill, and console. Hmmm.....
Only you can decide.

For me, the answer is no.
The original poster asked about the 3LZ, not the 3LT.

I agree the 3LT is worth it (to me) on a StingRay because of all the reasons given in posts #12 and #13. However, not all of these reasons are valid for the 3LZ in the Z06. The 3LZ looks identical to the 2LZ in that there is no visual differences in the color locations on the dash: the 3LZ does not have the bright splashes of color found on the 3LT.

Make sure you know what you really get with the 3LZ, or you might be unhappily surprised when you see it is not like the 3LT for all colors other than black.
It wasnt really the color that stood out to me but the leather appointments - I was told that the 3LT and the 3LZ replace the plastic door sill and dash components with leather and same for the middle glove compartment console - that and the Napa Leather upgrade. That's what stood out to me and added a nice taste of luxury.
I am sorry, I misunderstood your post.

You are correct: is indeed the case that the 3LT and 3LZ get Napa leather on the doors, dash and center console.

However, I spent quite a bit of time with a 2LT and a 3LT parked a few feet away from each other, moving back and forth between them. The views from five feet away were identical (ignoring the splash of color on the passenger's side of the dash in non-black 3LT interiors, which will be absent on all colors of 3LZ). Yes, to touch 2LT versus 3LT gave a noticeable difference. Getting 18 inches away gave a visual difference once I knew what to look for.

However, you can see my personal conclusions for myself in my signature below.

Yet, I understand your reasoning.
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