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Can some one tell me what the 3LZ package comes with?

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Can some one please tell me what the 3LZ package comes with?

I know you guys have broken down all the options but can not find them.

I place my order for a 3LZ and really don't know the exact details.:(

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Everything a 2LZ comes with and, additionally, a high grade leather, nav/PDR, IWE, and more. Perhaps the best way is to look at this link.

Model Information - Online Ordering Guide
As per the chart the BOBSZ06 has posted (thanks Bob), note that the competition seats comes instead with Mulan leather. As both met the same GM and wear abrasion standards before acceptance, believe that the Napa was determined to be too slippery for a competition seat.

Point this out, so none who purchase the comp seats are surprised upon arrival.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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