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Cargo Shade Clip broke

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Has anyone else have a cargo shade clip break? One of my round clips for the lower shade piece snapped off, not the D-ring, the other clip. I found that those inserts are actually replaceable and the twist and pull out, but I cannot find the replacements for them. I contacted my dealer and they have no clue and told me to bring it in so they could see what I was talking about and get replacements on order. I looked at the other side and that clip is cracked as well. I may be ordering a handful of these to keep on hand. For now, I have the shade hooked to the Roof panel hook. It isn't tight, but it keeps the cover up and across the rear window.
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So I went to my dealerships parts department and ordered 4. They were able to pull them up immediately. They are about $5 each and the part number is 25913048. They will arrive tomorrow, but since it's an hour away and I'm taking my Corvette up for its second oil change next week, I'll just pick them up then.

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I realize we aren't talking about big bucks here, but why didn't you make a warranty claim?
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