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Carpet colors?

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Is the carpet color black on all interiors? I don't remember seeing anywhere carpets were discussed.
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I order 2lt with gray seats and was hoping for black carpet. The gray is too easy to stain and ruin.
Is it possible to pick black rather then gray, if do do you know how? I learn more from here then the dealers
I would say it might be possible with the D30 option but it will cost you $530:

"Color Combination Override, provides the opportunity to individualize vehicle appearance by overriding recommended restrictions to exterior, interior and
convertible top (if equipped) color combinations 1 - To be used exclusively to override color, trim and convertible top combinations. Sold orders only. Refer to
color and trim chart for application."
Thank you, I called the dealer I placed my order and they are sure I can't have the gray seats and black carpet but ill go by there and bring up that option.

I like the gray carpet but I know the wear and stains will drive me crazy.
Thank you so much.
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Well another option is get black floor mats, that is where most of your dirt will collect.
That's what I decided to do. I like the gray interior the best with the white exterior and I think the black mats will break up the gray and look even better.
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