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Cautionary Tale: Matte Wrap/Graphics

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From GM's TechLink, a caution on how NOT to maintain the matte graphics. As their site says, "TIP: Do NOT polish or wax the graphic. Using polish, wax or any solvent-containing products will discolor the graphic."

This cautionary note is for the hood stripe on the 1LE Camaro, but could well apply to all matte graphics. BWM similarly cautioned every purchaser of its M3 matte finish cars. Would this not apply to all cars which have a matte wrap on part or whole?

As TechLink further notes: "The hood graphic on the 2013-2014 Camaro with the 1LE package is a matte black graphic manufactured and warranted by 3M. (Fig. 13) To maintain the appearance of the graphic, hand washing or a touchless car wash is recommended."

For complete article:Matte Black Hood Graphics
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Thanks for that important clarification!
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