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CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, just concluded in Las Vegas. If you are not familiar with CES, here is a brief overview: CES showcases more than 4,400 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries. It is not open to the public. It is held in 11 venues through-out Las Vegas and including press days, runs Sunday through Friday. Just a tad too large to ever say one has 'covered' it :ROFLMAO:

In my case, I try to get a 'flavor' for what is new in technology and products, but that is way too ambitious to do even going everyday. So I begin by seeing what has changed in the world of transportation since last year's CES, then move on to interesting electronics and technology. This year I felt like it was more an incremental advancement rather than true exponential changes. In general, much of the technology was an enhancement and greater application of what was shown in the past. Here are a few quick impressions:
  • autonomous vehicle technology did not change a lot, but had many more players competing for LIDAR, radar, blind spot, dash cams, extended dashboard displays, etc.
  • more and more components and appliances in our homes are being converted to 'smart' wifi and/or bluetooth functionality
  • entertainment options are getting more elaborate and more interactive, from TVs to games
  • healthcare diagnostics are moving quickly to remote DYI tools to enable a doctor to diagnose over the internet rather than in person
  • farming equipment and management is becoming 'smart'
Some trends, IMO, are troublesome, for example:
  • attempting to get rid of speakers in cars and substitute sound actuators that vibrate various parts of the cars interior to reproduce sound
  • having the dash become one very large display screen, for example, Byton's 48 inches wide screen, that goes the full width of the dash
  • push for electrification of everything that is involved in transportation of goods and people
Some trends are interesting, but not without potential drawbacks, including:
  • eliminating a large chunk of the wiring harnesses in cars by having actuators/motors with wifi or bluetooth connections to the CPUs
  • clear glass sunscreen that instantly darkens when it detects sun about to glare in the driver's eyes
  • integration of alternative means of transportation (buses, hail rides, trains, subways, bikes, etc.) into a 'fleet' to get individuals from A to B and elimination of personal cars
I will be putting more detailed thought together in an upcoming blog, when time permits. In the interim, here are few 'teaser' images from CES:








This is Sony's first entry into the automotive arena:


A fully self contained, two motor and battery rear wheel system that fits most bikes, making them an e-bike:


Interestingly enough, this robot did a pretty good job of transporting the boxes into the van. Unfortunately, it ended up falling when it went off stage at the end of its demonstration...


If you would like to see more from CES, please click here: CES 2020 Las Vegas
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