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Changing an order

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Experience/knowledge requested. I have a Crystal Red with Kalahari on order since July 5. I was hoping that the early color representations of Kalahari were not accurate but it now appears that my initial concerns have been realized...the ordered color is rather dark/somewhat orange and is nothing like the C6 beige/tan interior which was a much better match for the crystal red, IMHO. Since I live in Florida, a black interior is not desireable. Gray isn't an option for me either. I'm toying with the idea of changing to Cyber Gray with Kalahari. Does anyone know if a change order would significantly impact delivery date?
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depends if the order has been pulled from the allocation.....if it has, depends then on what the internal status is, they can request a special move but THIS DOES DELAY THE ORDER AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IT WILL TAKE.....they even tell you that, so if the order is pulled and past 2500 status, I would not risk it....

If order is still at 1100 status, you can do with it whatever you want....

Then if your dealer still has no clue, then you call me! :D
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Thanks and good luck
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