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Changing an order

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Experience/knowledge requested. I have a Crystal Red with Kalahari on order since July 5. I was hoping that the early color representations of Kalahari were not accurate but it now appears that my initial concerns have been realized...the ordered color is rather dark/somewhat orange and is nothing like the C6 beige/tan interior which was a much better match for the crystal red, IMHO. Since I live in Florida, a black interior is not desireable. Gray isn't an option for me either. I'm toying with the idea of changing to Cyber Gray with Kalahari. Does anyone know if a change order would significantly impact delivery date?
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Depending on your LT, perhaps Brownstone is what you're looking for?

I've toyed with changing my order but I just placed it 2 days ago! Plus the stuff I want can't really be worth 10k more especially when it's non performance related. I'm going to try and be 'wise' and maybe use that saved coin for futur mods.
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