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Check out Lashway Motorsport's Turbocharged C7 on the dyno!

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Here is a video taken a few nights ago at our Fort Lauderdale facility. We're still deep in the R&D phase of this kit but are on schedule for a 2014 Springtime release to the general public.

Numbers are being withheld as of right now, but the kit should produce 600+ RWHP on low boost, and 93 octane on a stock fuel system.

I can tell you that we already hit 500+ RWTQ at less than 4000 RPM! Not bad.

This video shows two different sized intercoolers. We're testing about 5 different intercooler configurations to see which produces the least amount of pressure drop from the rear mounted turbo to the intake manifold. We're also testing which supports the most CFM at various RPM levels. IAT temperatures are also critical, and so far none of the intercoolers have produced IATs higher than 100*, even after a 6500 RPM run!

Here is the link:

Initial Dyno Testing, Lashway Motorsports Turbocharged C7 Video by Lashway Motorsports, Fort Lauderdale Florida

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