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Check xm antenna....quick fix?

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On a road trip and I'm getting an alert in the display that says "check XM antenna"… A check on the other site has said that the antenna is under the left front fender per the manual… Just wondered if anybody has seen this before and there was a quick fix. I don't have any of my tools to do this in a hotel parking lot, so I think I'm out of luck but I thought I just ask…

damn, really would like a few channels for my next 1400 miles to home....

Thanks in advance.....
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Glen if no one comes up with a viable quick fix you might want to use Pandora through your phone with bluetooth. Of course that depends on your data plan but it is a good alternative to consider.
It sounds (no pun intended :rolleyes: ) like it might be more related to the receiver/amp in the car than the antenna located in the fender. That is if I interpreted your comment that it worked for 3 hours than not using it for an hour or two and it worked for 15 minutes meaning you were driving your Stingray that entire time. My thought is that not using it (again if my interpretation is correct) would not change the relationship with the antenna, but would allow the receiver/amp/board to cool down.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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