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Here's some info I got from GM Connects on tracking:

Due to circumstances involving General Motors we are unable to provide
updates at this time. Our data feed of information was terminated as it was
there feeling that the tracking service they created internally was more
than sufficient to meet the tracking needs of their customers. We have
tried to communicate with several folks at GM requesting the feed to be
restored but it has fallen on deaf ears.

Clearly our service was vastly more efficient and was designed with the
customer and the emotions of waiting for a new car order to move thru
production and its transit on its way home to you. We ourselves were
customers that have gone thru this very same process. In addition, our
service was created to enhance your relationship with your dealer. Nearly
2500 of the 4500 GM dealers in North America had customers that used our
service. Many actually set their customers up in our system at the time of
their order so that they would automatically be updated as production was
occurring. They were also able to provide instant communication to their
customers with important information such as service bulletins or special
service offers not only during the production process but after your
purchase making your entire ownership experience so much better.

The best thing you can do at this point is to of course contact your dealer
and request updates from them manually or to contact Customer Service and
make such a request over the phone. You might also mention to them that
you had tried to use our service and ask that it be restored. We stand
ready to resume at any time.

Many apologies from all of us here at GMConnects for the inconvenience.

Larry Miller
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