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Cleaning Tree Sap

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Left my baby outside under some maple trees and I now have spots of tree sap all over the rear. :( What is the best method of removing it?
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Just regular ol' car wash soap and water, that's all it takes.
Use a clay bar while you have her all slick and soapy and that will get the sap and anything else that might be stuck in the paint. Of course you will need to wax it again afterward.
Two days old and needing a wash! :roll eyes:
Even new Corvettes can't dodge falling sap!
That's one reason I had my whole car rapped in XPEL Ultimate.
Just regular ol' car wash soap and water, that's all it takes.
I do not think that it is possible with just this activity. It will require some more steps and deep cleaning maybe or maybe not.
I washed it yesterday with warm water and car shampoo and it came off just fine.
some "saps" are different, Ive had some come off with soap and water and others that are baked on from certain trees, requires a nuclear application of mineral spirits or goo gone to dissolve it. The one thing you do not want to do is "scrub" at it, if it's stubborn, it needs to be dissolved off.....
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I guess I was lucky. I think it was a maple tree. As the Ferrari is now gone I can now park in the garage.
Yeah, put that POS Ferrari under the tree. ;-)
Late response, I know, just saw this thread.

I have used RainX with amazing results for years. I live in SC, where sap is an everyday issue. A local detailer told me years ago that RainX works the best, and he was right.

Dab some RainX on a micro fiber cloth and just hold on the spot, it literally dissolves it in no time, then use another cloth to gently wipe off the residue. I have used this method on my black Escalade for years and has always worked great.
What I have experienced is that if you happen to miss seeing / feeling tree sap (Maple is the worse for me) when it first is deposited and the sun has time to "bake" it some tree sap requires a lot more effort to remove. I found that if you catch it before it hardens, soap and water works fine, but my worse case exposure required a clay bar to get it all off.
I have a lot of experience in using tree sap, I have also tried it a few times and it also has certain effects.
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