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Condensation under HUD cover

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Unplanned interior water event, leaving condensation under screen....
Anyone ever have this issue?

When out in the sun, condensation disappears...
When in the shade or garage,comes back so you can't see the HUD display

Other than removing the dash to get to the HUD and wiping the cover dry, any thoughts on how to dry it out? TIA
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Possibly leave a small fan blowing on the general area of the interior dash/windshield overnight...
Seems reasonable, maybe a small portable electric heater set on low or medium, with the air directed up into the footwell by the pedals, and with the windows down and top removed (or down). The heated air will rise up through the dash area and the HUD.

The good news is that the water was not significant enough to cause electrical shorting, just fogging, but getting the moisture out as quickly as possible is probably a good idea.
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