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Condensed Z06 Order Guide

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Want a six-page condensed Z06 Order Guide (as opposed to a 44 page or over a 100 page version, the latter linked below)? Thanks to Mike Furman, Criswell Chevrolet ("[email protected]"), we have exactly your six-pager right here.

The above six pages will give you the "facts," though if you want every last detail, we have the"full Monty", the 100+ pager here too. Note please, when you look at the link below, as you work through the different pages, that it is both the latest StingRay Order Guide and the Z06 Guide combined, so check on each page, near the top, to insure that you are looking at the exact model you are inquiring about.

Model Information - Online Ordering Guide

There have been more than a few inquiries, "where/how do I specify the interior option group, e.g. 1 LZ, 2LZ, or 3LZ???" In the draft order your dealer will put together for you, and it is critical you review it before he/she submits it, as all of us are human being and can make a mistake, one of the major boxes for your dealer will check with be the "PEG" line. Here are a couple of actual lines from an upcoming Z06 order

PEG: 3LZ - Package: 3LZ Trim: 125 - Trim, JetBlack /Dark Gray
Primary Color: G8A - Velocity Yellow Tintcoat Engine: LT4 - Engine Gas, 8 cylinder, SC, 6.2L, AFM, VVT, HO, Al., GMNA
Transmission: MEK, 7-Speed Manual, with Rev. Matching
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