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I stopped by my dealer this afternoon to see what he had on the lot and see what he knew.:)
He told me that GM wouldn't say when they were going to start production. Then he showed me on the GM website the contstraints for the week of Nov 18th, " C7 Conv. no constraints". He then went on to say my order picked up and scheduled for production the week before, so it has to be built before these. Therefore production has to be starting the week of the 4th or 11th.:eek:
I also asked about the QC hold. He said he didn't have a good answer about that. He told me they received cars that bypassed the hold while cars that were built later stopped in Mephis for the QC hold.:eek:
I'm adding a bay to my garrage and I'm hoping my car is here b4 its finished. The Lincoln can sleep outside.
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