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For everyone in cooler climates, I noticed an interesting characteristic of the C7. While it was quite sunny today, the ambient air temperature was only in the mid-40's--so hey, go for a drive. I enjoyed a long, spirited drive and upon returning to my home I reached up to activate my garage opener and my hand grazed the metal (I think its metal) frame of the roof panel. The frame was quite cold to the touch, with some cold condensation. I checked the roof for proper fit and everything was fine. I did not hear nor feel any air infiltration along the leading edge of the roof panel and the windshield. I certainly understand how cold air can impact the car's surface in general, but I found it curious it had such an impact on the interior roof and furthermore that it would feel so cool. Once I was aware of it, I noticed it was having an impact on the cabin temp. I don't store my Corvettes and I drive them throughout the Winter if the roads are dry. So, I would expect the cool roof phenomenon would become more prevalent in even lower temperatures if the defroster or heater can't offset the apparent transfer of the cold through the roof.

Nothing earth shattering, but I never noticed this on my C5 or C6's. I still think the C7 is light years of improvement over the C6.
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