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Coolant temps why so high

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My gmc truck runs about 210 degrees new stingray 220 is this normal. I know they can run hotter until you put a few miles on them in have about 1100 .
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Can someone help me out ? I have 16 z51 a8 with 37k miles , coolant temps get up to 250 when at idle and sometimes even when driving , fans are on full blast and it comes down some but not a lot , anyone have ideas on what would be causing this problem??
Welcome to our forum Zhale705. That does seem somewhat elevated. Are you looking at the coolant temp vs oil temp? If you are seeing those elevated temps and it is the oil, know that the oil cooler is right next to the exhaust and qucikly rise after enthusiastic driving.
It’s the guage on the bottom right of main screen , usually runs at 200-220 but when at idle it shoots up to 250
Here are the two basic gauges (more specific can be found in the Performance screen). The closest to the speedo is the oil temp, the one in the pocket gauge at the lower right is the coolant temp. If you are talking about the oil gauge, sounds like yours is normal. As I mentioned, the oil cooler is located right next to the exhaust, so it quickly responds to the increase exhaust temps when you are enthusiastically driving.

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This guage on bottom right , would it be that I need an upgraded fan or radiator??
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