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Video here: CORSA C7

I spent some time today with one of the engineers at Corsa getting an update for you guys!

First, then when:
- They're actively working on their exhaust and expect to get them available by 4/1.

The price:
- Expect a 10-15% MSRP increase over the C6 system. A good dealer can obv help you here. ;)

The what:
- There will be two models for the mufflers to choose from similar to the C6, the Sport and the Extreme.
- They're considering doing a cat back with an X pipe - it is undecided whether this will be standard in the kit or an option like in the past.
- They're definitely doing 4 square laser cut tips to match the opening in the bumper, which will be beautiful IMO.
- They're not sure if they'll offer the round tips for the kit for the traditionalists.
- There currently is no option to retain the active exhaust.
- The Sport and Extreme is a little louder than the current C6 versions but as a Corvette enthusiast, he loved the new sound!
- Installation will most like require cutting the stock exhaust out unless you want to remove the rear valence due to it going through the bumper opposed to under.

- I conveyed to them that the X pipe should be an option as some guys might not want to spend the additional money on the X pipe and might keep them from purchasing it.
- I also told them if not permitting the retention of the active exhaust to control the sound, they should consider a resonator option for those that want to run their exhaust with headers and still maintain some civility at times. He is going to bring that up in their next engineering meeting to see if they might offer that as an option.

Your thoughts, wishes, concerns before the fat lady sings? ;)
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