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I've installed this mid pipe on 4 z06s and it does have a different sound than the Borla due to the double helixx design. More aggressive and after hearing the first one I did I was set on it.

Before you spend literally thousands on a axle back I highly suggest doing this x pipe..... yes this wakes up the stock z06 exhaust a lot and won't have that drone (which 20 years ago I loved in my street cars. Wtf was I thinking lol)

Little info on system

  • 3 inch stainless steel
    Gets rid of 2 rear cats (no tune needed)
    Over 20 percent increase of flow over stock x pipe
    2 pounds weight savings
Now many have asked about smog/warranty. Yes for us california guys you will need to put the oem x back on for smog. It's a very easy x pipe to put in no cutting or welding. For gm warranty you don't need a tune for this mod and since its after the last 02 sensors your computer won't go crazy. My 2015 that engine went bad I was told that if I had this x pipe on that they would take care of car but if I did headers or removed the cats before the 02s then they would void it since is picked up by ecu.

I'm installing this mid pipe on my car next week. I had mine ceramic coated to cut down temps (which I can offer for local members) and will post up vids

$549.99 shipped to the lower 48 states and if you have any questions feel free to call/text 415 519 2432 or email [email protected] i'm around 24/7 to help

Corsa X Pipe - C7 Z06 Corvette Parts

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