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Keith from interviewed Adam owner of Adam's polish's, Todd, Marketing Director for Spring Mountain Race Track and myself at Corvettes at Carlisle.

[VIDEO] Corvette Seller Mike Furman and Friends at Corvettes at Carlisle

by Keith Cornett on August 26, 2014

[VIDEO] Corvette Seller Mike Furman and Friends at Corvettes at Carlisle.

While at the Corvettes at Carlisle show last weekend, we spoke with several sponsors of CorvetteBlogger to get their latest news and to see what we can do to help spread the word to our readers.

Little did I know that three of them were working in cahoots to cross promote each other’s offerings at the show and elsewhere. national Corvette sales guru Mike Furman, who singlehandedly sold an estimated 450 Corvette Stingrays during their inaugural year, shares the details in this video interview from Carlisle.

First up, Mike Furman and I discussed the latest news regarding C7 Corvettes including the recent release of pricing for the 2015 Corvette Z06. Mike also talks about his own personal Corvette Stingray, a 2014 Laguna Blue Z51 model. That car has just 700 miles on it and will most likely be for sale soon as Mike will be upgrading to the new Z06 early next year. Why the low miles? Because Mike is always working to sell and deliver new Corvettes to his customers. If you want to be one of them, visit him at his new web address, Chevy Corvette Dealer MD | Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, DC, PA | Criswell.

Mike then invited our friend and sponsor Adam Pitale of Adam’s Polishes to talk about a special offer for Mike’s customers. Adams will be providing new Corvette owners who purchased their Corvettes through Mike Furman a special introductory detailing kit that will help get new and experienced Corvette owners off on the right foot when it comes to caring for their new sports car. Adam’s is the official detailing company for Corvette and Camaro and Adam’s products are used by the workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Check out all the great car care products from Adams at

Mike then invites Todd Crutcher from Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to come and talk about the Corvette Owners School discount available to new owners of the Corvette Stingray. Chevy has set up a special discount for new Corvette owners where you can learn how to drive the new Corvette in a safe and controlled environment. The discount is good for exactly one year and your cost is only $1,000 for the two-day school. Take advantage of this special offer today by visiting Corvette Owners School.

One more piece of news regarding the Corvette Owners School discount at Spring Mountain from Chevrolet. According to Corvette Marketing Manager Todd Christensen, the program has been extended to purchases of 2015 Corvette Stingrays and Z06s.

Check out the video interview with Mike Furman and friends at the 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle Show:

or the whole story and video:

[VIDEO] Corvette Seller Mike Furman and Friends at Corvettes at Carlisle

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