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I found this on a GM site:
"The different driver modes on the 2014 Corvette provide enhanced performance for different driving conditions by changing the throttle progression, shift mode, steering assist, limited slip differential, ride control, traction control, exhaust sound and other calibrations. There are five driver modes that can be selected using the Driver Mode Control located on the center console (Fig. 13): Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track.
Driver mode control If the vehicle was in Weather or Track mode during the previous drive cycle, it will default to the Tour mode the next time the vehicle is turned on. This is design intent. No repairs should be performed.
It is important to understand that the display themes on the instrument cluster and drive modes are two separate items that can be linked together or selected separately. When linked, the instrument cluster display theme is configured for the selected drive mode — Weather, Eco, Tour modes: Tour theme; Sport mode: Sport theme; and Track mode: Track theme.
If a specific display theme for all drive modes is desired, or to have the display theme change each time a drive mode is changed, use the DIC Settings menu to select Link to Drive Mode – Track, Sport, or Tour for the cluster theme. Regardless of the Display Theme setting, the drive mode will always default to Tour if the vehicle is turned off in the Weather or Track mode."
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