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Corvette hits deer. Corvette-1. Deer-0.

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It was early in the morning and was doing about 40. A young deer darted from my left to the right and impacted the car dead center. The dear was projected about 60 feet to the right and was dead when it landed. I pulled over to take a look at the dreaded damage. To my amazement there was very little damage. I got lucky once but I don't think I will be that lucky again.

The license plate was a little out of place so I pushed it back in place and as you can see there is a panel missing in the grill. This panel is meant to be removable. I didn't realize that it was missing until I got home.

Does anyone have a panel they want to part with?


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OMG. How did your panel pop out?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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