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Corvette Stingray video from Laguna Seca: fast lap + passes!

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GoPro video I took a few weeks ago of my stock Corvette Stingray C7 Z51 2LT at Laguna Seca. One full hot lap then some passes of a McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche & more

Second track day in this car. Prob was at 85-90% of the car's limits with a 1:47 best lap time (beat my prior best of 1:52 a few months ago in a 662 HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500). Still have room to go given a pro has done 9 seconds faster on the same track in same car. This car is a blast! Tons of responsive power, strong brakes, insane grip, and minimal oversteer/understeer. Point, gas, and go :) Also, if you want to see my first track day at Sonoma Raceway, I posted it here:

Details: Ran with Hooked on Driving in the C Advanced/Pointby group. Car has 460 HP and 465 lb-ft of torque, manual trans, weighs 3300 pds, and has the magnetic suspension and performance exhaust. Only "mod" is Dot 4 brake fluid and 15w-50 oil. Was run in Race Mode Sport 2 (traction control and stabillitrack off), Active Rev Matching on (huge help!), and tires at 26psi cold. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 2 Motorsports Edition with LCD BacPac. External mic is a simple lavaliere mic taped right above the exhaust on the rear license plate. Edited with Camtasia Studio 8.
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Awesome Joe! Not your first time there, right? You did so great in the corkscrew!

Thx! Yep, not my first time. I prob have done 6-7 track days at Laguna Seca. First time was in a stock Ford Mustang GT back in 2011 and I ran a best of 1:56. Experience + better cars (esp the C7!) have taken that down 9 seconds...
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Joe, what was your top speed on the straight?
Fastest was around 120 right after the start/finish when I didn't lift. HUD is handy for seeing speeds for sure :)
Joe, cool video and great driving! How are your tires holding up, miles on them, run flats, etc. Are you also checking your brake pads after running the track?

Tires/brakes are stock (just Dot 4 upgrade) and are holding up well. Yep, I check them before/after each track day. Around 2600 miles total and 2 track days on em. I did just order new OEM brake pads front/rear b/c I have a track weekend (2 days) coming up in Oct and I figure good chance the pads will need replacing afterwards..
Great video Joe. As I am trying to get ready to go on race track, I wonder how did you manage to get a tow hook on the C7 ?

Tow hook place holder in the car is empty, and other forum let me think that the US cars may not be "tow hook ready" !!

After all GM efforts to get the corvette being a real sports car, I cannot imagine they did not plan for a tow hook... "on star" is useless on track, we need a tow hook!
I have not looked into this at all & do not have a tow hook on my C7. For the type of track days I do (HPDE) you don't need one. If you do a Google search for tow hook stingray you will find info on the topic. Sorry I cannot be of more help!
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