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Could the C6 sing a Swan Song Yet? Z06X Production?

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I know what you may all be thinking... "Why would he think that a concept car that came to SEMA two years ago be on the table?" Well, Autoblog got me thinking... They posted some images of the stripped out race car from SEMA 2010. I thought to myself that FoMoCo has done this exact same thing for years with their Cobra Jet.

The C6 Corvette is an amazing vehicle, and you would be a fool to say different. Well, Chevy knows this, and might not be ready to let the C6 die just yet. What if, for sake of argument, they decided to keep the C6 around for one more track spec vehicle? Strip the C6 down and fix thin metal to the lightened frame, slap a roll cage in it, and affix lightweight plexy in place of the glass pieces. Roll it out to the track and show Porsche, and Viper what is up with "last year's" tech to do two things:

1. Prove that they made a car that could compete with the best of the best LAST YEAR.


2. Show that the new car, the Z06 with the Z07 pack, (read more about the Z07 Package) which in my eyes is a Track Pack in it's own right, is a completely redesigned Vette that is heads and shoulders better than the stout competition that is in the Sports Car segment.

Call me crazy if you wish...
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