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CarPro CQ Finest

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To learn more about CQuartz Finest visit CQuartz Nanotech Ceramic Automotive Paint Coating

CQ Finest represents the ultimate development of the CarPro line of advanced nanotechnology coatings. A professional ceramic hybrid sealant with hardness, hydrophobicity, film thickness, dirt-repellency, and gloss all pushed to the max in order to create the Finest protection system for cars and motorcycles on the market. Available exclusively through our Finest Detailers, CQuartz Finest is backed by industry-leading scientific testing, and is equipped with a 2-Year CarPro-Certified Warranty. Developed with professional detailers in mind, CQuartz Finest has been thoroughly trialed all over the world in order to guarantee its performance and reliability in the harshest possible conditions. From the arctic cold of the Finnish winter, to the blazing summer heat of the Australian outback, CarPro’s CQuartz Finest has become the nano-coating of choice for detailers around the world striving to give their clients the very best in beauty and protection for their vehicles.

Features & Specifications:

• Harder, Thicker Coating – Increased inorganic SiO2 Silica content results in a tough 2-3 micron thick coating, yielding improvements to surface hardness by a factor of up to 2* on the Mohs Scale**, and significantly reducing the occurrence of wash-related marring and incidental scratches on sensitive paints.
• Enhanced Chemical and UV Protection – Offers strong protection against man-made and environmental hazards like acids from bird droppings and industrial fallout, high-alkaline caustic detergents, and strong Ultraviolet Radiation.
• Slicker, more Water-Spot Resistance Finish – New Organic Hybrid Silanes offer substantially improved slickness, dirt and oil repellency (Leading to a self-cleaning effect when rinsed or after a rain.), as well as resistance to mineral-spotting due to hard water over conventional nano-coatings.
• Richer, Glossier Appearance – Yields a rich, glassy finish, with measurably enhanced levels of gloss and reflectivity that lasts year after year.
• Increased Hydrophobicity– Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 100-110°, and a Sliding Angle of just 15-25°.
• Higher Heat Resistance – Temperature resistance in excess of 300° Celsius (over 575° Fahrenheit) provides greater protection for high-temp applications like wheels, and against hot brake dust on high-performance and racing vehicles.
• 2-Year Finest Warranty – Backed by a CarPro Approved Warranty, CQuartz Finest is capable of protecting your vehicle for a minimum of 2-Years after application by one of our accredited Finest Detailers.

CQ Finest Nanotechnology:

CQ Finest’s astounding performance characteristics are formulated from the start, beginning with the hybrid blend of both Organic and Inorganic Silanes it contains. Silanes are the building blocks of nanotechnology, and are used in the manufacture of high-grade nanoscale materials, as well as bonding them together at a molecular level to form complex 3-Dimensional structures.

FINEST GRAPH wtrmrk.png

In CQ Finest, these hybrid Silanes react with oxygen and atmospheric humidity (H2O) to cross-link two dissimilar elements: inorganic SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide; better known as Quartz.), and organic Nano-Crystalline Cellulose (Known in the industry as NCC.). Together they form an incredibly tough nanocomposite material, which shares a covalent (Chemical) bond with the paint surface.

FINEST GRAPH 3 wtrmrk.png

In essence, CQ Finest’s protection, hydrophobicity, gloss, and dirt-repellency become an integral part of your vehicle. Overall surface-hardness is increased by up to 2* on the Mohs Scale**, providing significant protection against fine scratches and swirls, as well as sheltering the finish from countless environmental hazards (Including strong Acids, Alkalis, and UV-Radiation.) behind a glass-like nano-ceramic coating.

*Depending upon the original hardness and density of the surface.
**Mohs Hardness: A unit of measurement invented by German scientist Friedrich Mohs to compare mineral hardness, ranging from softest (Talc) to hardest (Diamond) on a scale of 1-10.


To treat your Finest coated vehicle the best you can - wash regularly by hand using the CarPro Merino Wool mitt, automotive shampoo (Preferably without waxes, or gloss-enhancers, as these may temporarily reduce the performance of the coating.), and a soft microfiber drying towel. Depending upon usage, the vehicle should occasionally be decontaminated using Iron X, if needed.

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Tried the "Reset" for the first time yesterday on the CQuartz. OMG! It's unbelievable. Although the CQuartz was applied on top of the Xpel, which I've had second thoughts about, the "Reset" is really making the whole thing Pop in the sun. Even used leftover "Reset" on my wheels, which I had CQuartz'd as well.... Highly recommend this product.

Don't mean to give the Xpel a bad rap in that it provides outstanding protection against rock chips from debris on the road. It's kind of a trade off for the protection you receive. Came to the conclusion nothing is going to provide that "Glass Like" finish like freshly corrected paint with CQuartz applied directly to it. This was my first experience having a protective film applied and time will tell. Guess the bottom line is..... If your planning on driving your car and putting some miles on it, which is exactly what I'm doing, then the protective film is the way to go.

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potokat and I had cquartz finest applied to our two vettes below and on top of the lastest generation 3M film. simply stunning results. Can't say enough good things about it :)
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