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CQuartz finest and Xpel after NCM delivery in Bowling Green

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I took delivery of an Arctic White Z51 3LT at the NCM on 22 September. I live near San Jose, CA, and was driving it back.

Through CQuartz HQ I located a detailer in St Louis that could do CQuartz finest, as well as some Xpel work. I wanted this done before driving the car back across the nation.

The detailer is Ralph Williams at Williams Auto Detail. He and his crew have been doing CQuartz since its inception and have been in business for many years and are well known in the St Louis area.

I took delivery at the NCM on Monday, left it with Ralph on Tuesday and picked up early Wednesday to drive back.

The work was flawless. Truly beautiful. I cannot recommend Ralph and his crew too highly. If you are taking NCM delivery and have the time, swing through St Louis and have this done.

Find Ralph at

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That's great! Post some pictures!

I'm also an authorized installer of CQF and if you ever need anything, I'm not far away :)
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