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Creaking Clutch M7

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Hello all!

Currently own a 2015 Corvette C7 Z51 M7 2LT.

Car's been great, but recently my clutch developed a creaking noise happening when being pressed down, and on the way up. Also the vehicle has become a lot more notchy, and tougher to shift. I find down shifting from 4 to 3rd to 2nd, even with rev match is not as smooth anymore. I find when the shifter warms up it is a bit smoother still, and higher rev shifts are often smooth as well.

I also installed an MGW shifter when the shifts first started becoming notchy and rough and saddly it didn't make much different for the smoothness. That being said the MGW shifter feels great!

My vette has 8900 KM on it.

Anyways, going to bring it in to my local chevy dealer for the service manager, and the lead tech to have a listen to the clutch and we'll go from there.

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Now this is the part I don't understand, the reservoir is completely empty but the clutch works great? So, I drive down to the dealership and we cannot find any leaks. Then, they top off the clutch fluid and we call it a day.
Your clutch works the same way as brake pads. As the brake pads/clutch plates wear, the fluid level drops to compensate for the lost material. I am really surprised that your clutch reservoir was practically empty with only 13K miles though. Did your Tech bleed the system, incase air was pulled into the line.
No, because the pedal never went dead to the floor.
Sounds like your fluid level hadn't dropped below the line inlet & you caught it in time. The pedal might not feel much different if air had been in the line, but the clutch would not have been fully disengaging & causing it to wear prematurely.
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