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Crusin the Coast 2014

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For those of you that don't know and might be interested we have an event on the Mississippi gulf coast in early October. It last a week and is one of the biggest shows in the country and covers all the way from Ocean Springs to Bay Saint Louis. Last year they had over 4000 antique cars registered and another 2000 or so that were not. Its called Crusin the Coast and heres the link. Cruisin' The Coast
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A guy I work with informed me that already have over 5000 registered so far for this year. If you find yourself in the area this year its a great time, lots of old cars, great times and events.
Crusin the Coast starts Sunday 5 Oct, if anyone is around its a great time. The news said they have 8000 cars so far this year, biggest one yet!!!!
Senior Chief,
I'll be attending for the first time this year, Oct 10th and 11th. Do you have any suggestions where to go since this expands such a large area.

New Orleans
Jon, HWY 90 in Harrision County, mainly between Long Beach and Biloxi. Edgewater Mall on 90 you can walk thru and see a lot of cars and the old Gulfport VA on 90. Check the Crusin site and itll have more information on any scheduled events for the entire week. Its a great time and lots and lots of beautiful cars, lot of them for sell as well, so dont get in a hurry to go anywhere on 90, especially that fri and sat, it could take an hour to travel a couple of miles. Youll see people camped out on the side of the hwy or just sitting in chairs on the sidewalk watching all the cars.

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