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Just wanted to share our latest project with you. Tony dropped his car off with the intention of doing something a little different with his hood stripe. Not only did he want something a little different but also wanted top notch quality. After numerous emails and phone calls we came up with a game plan. I will show you what we came up with and the steps involved.

Getting the hood ready for paint. With this stripe design, the entire hood must be sanded as we are burying the stripe under the clear.
Hood Vehicle Supercar Helmet Car

Once the entire hood has been sanded down we then layed out the stripe design.
Product Plastic

Then layed out the carbon flash metallic. Automotive exterior Hood Bumper Auto part Automotive lighting

Now it's time to do our ghosted stingray. For this we chose a color that allows you to notice it but still remain subtle.
Yellow Textile Linens Bed sheet

This is the stripe before clear coat.
Material property Technology

And this is the final product after wet sanding and buffing. Smooth as glass.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Corvette stingray

Hood Automotive exterior Bumper Technology Tire

Automotive exterior Hood Vehicle Auto part Glass

We also did a few smaller things, like adding some carbon flash on the roof to continue the black.

Hood Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Auto part

Also added our black based flag emblems.

Hood Vehicle Automotive design Car Supercar

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Very. Sharp. Indeed. :)

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showstopper, looks great! I like the Stingray on the hood.

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