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Dave Tatman to retire

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Here is the text from C7 Plant manager Dave:

"After 34 years with General Motors, I have decided to retire from GM, effective the first of March. I have been considering a move of this magnitude for a while, and I felt that after the incredibly successful launch of the iconic new C7 Corvette Stingray, this seemed like a good time. Kinda like retiring after a Super Bowl Championship, you know? LOL!

GM has been a terrific and important part of my life for a long time; however, Barbie and I are keenly aware that God has other plans for us. I certainly don't think that I am done working, but time will tell how my skills and experiences will play into the next chapter of my life. I see this as the opportunity to make the change that had been on our minds and hearts for some time.

Barbie and I certainly plan to continue our involvement in the great community of Bowling Green, and heaven knows there are plenty of chores around our horse farm to keep me busy until the next adventure comes along! I look forward to continuing my relationship with the National Corvette Museum, the BGA Corvette Club, and the Corvette community in whatever ways I can be of service.

Please feel free to share this news with others. I am grateful for our friendship and I look forward to the many adventures yet to come! "
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Wow - something of a surprise...thanks for posting!

My wife and I spent some time chatting with Dave during our Buyer's Tour in early January - actually the day after the line was shut down early and folks sent home due to parts shortages. That impressed me about Dave, that he would take time to chat with customers/friends, even during that chaos. He had been very helpful in an earlier issue with my ZR1 - a top-knotch kind of guy.

While not surprised he made no mention of his pending decision during our conversation, I was surprised by the common response from Plant & Museum workers when I mentioned him. They all immediately commented on how he was the perfect person for the "bring-up" of C7 production. It was almost as though that was his task - get the plant up & running with the Stingray. So, although it never crossed my mind then, in hindsight it seems that this may have been "the plan" all along.....
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