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Dealer Corvette Brochure

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Anyone seen any C7 Corvette brochures at the dealers yet?
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About a month ago, I picked up a very limited info brochure. It was in a satin black envelope (7"x10"), with a quad fold sheet in it. The cover of the sheet had the new crossed flag logo, which shows thru a matching cut-out in the envelope. The back has Stingray emblem. First unfold shows interior, with a short description (not many specs) of the car. Second unfold, the 'fold out'... is a 3/4 rear view of a Cyber Gray (or black?) Stingray. Nice 'picture brochure' but little real info. Ordered my car at a different dealership, as this one was out of it's limited allocation. (ordered Oct first, at 3000 on Oct 15 - no Z51 or cf roof).

One other thing... don't know if anyone's thought about this or noticed before... on Corvettes (first notice on my C5) there is no 'Chevrolet' script, or bowtie on the interior or exterior... I find that sort of odd.
That's it... funny that someone is trying to make money on something that is given away for free at a dealership. Maybe it's more rare than I suspected?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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