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Dealer Corvette Brochure

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Anyone seen any C7 Corvette brochures at the dealers yet?
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Went into my local dealership today for a C7 showing. Ask about a brochure and said they had none and even if they had he said he wouldn't give me one. They will only give them out to those who actually buy a C7. And you wonder why I have never bought a car from them and never will.
That stealership has got it half-assed backwards!!!:eek: The purpose of the brochure is to give it to folks who DO NOT have a C7, like prospective buyers maybe, duh!! Why give them to someone who ALREADY HAS a C7!! What is the purpose of that??
I don't get the reasoning.

Also.... All 3 dealers I visited here around the Sarasota, FL area and including Stingray Chevrolet, told me they received only a few and were gone in seconds. I can almost bet they were all gobbled up by the employees before any customer ever got to see one!:p
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Forget about getting one at the dealer's. I purchased one on-line thru E-Bay. I payed a rather hefty price for it. I was TOTALLY disappointed when it arrived in the mail. Not like the brochures of old. No color samples, no option lists, no model descriptions. Pretty much nothing. Save your money, and spend it on gas.
Ed.... the eBay seller was probably a Chevy salesperson!!:eek:
Also the dealership tried to tell me they pay like $25 a piece for them. Who's he kidding.......
Oh.... that's a good one. He probably has some ocean front property in Arizona for sale as well!:cool:
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