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debating of getting a 2013 corvette GS or ordering a C7

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Hello! I'm new to this forum and looking forward to be a future vette owner. I do have a dilemma which i'm hoping to get some insight/advice from your precious experience regarding these remarkable vehicles. Since the C7 came out, the 2013 GS has some unbelievable bargains, I had two potential opportunities to get 1 below 44k brand new. From your previous experience (specially GS owners), is there value in going this route first for a first time future vette owner or should you rather skip this and order a C7? This would just be a weekend car with occasional track use and so the interior appointments in the C7 is not a priority. I do understand that in terms of performance the C7 is ahead but I believe ordering the C7 now would be at MSRP so in terms a better financial decision, is there value in ordering 2013 GS as a weekend car with occasional track use now for below 44k and trading it in 3 to 4 years down the road when the C7 prices stabilize? Any insight would be really helpful and thank you in advance!
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You are absolutely correct that there are screaming bargains on 2013 Corvettes. At the same time, and I must admit that I am biased, there are literally hundreds of engineering improvements in the C7. I'm sure you have seen the approximate 20 great reviews by car magazines regarding the StingRay; more than a few of these magazines had some pretty severe criticisms of the C6 including it seats, which I mention because you're talking about tracking your Corvette, and those same magazines are now universal in talking about the C7's seat and its many, many other improvements. Yes, you can get aftermarket Sparco's or other seats and put them in a C6 and still be thousands and thousands of dollars ahead. Most importantly you're going to have to make your own decision based on, of course, financial considerations. The bargains on the C6 are going to become even better as the C7 start to appear on dealer showrooms in the next month or two, so I believe you have plenty of time to learn more about the C7 and decide for yourself which of the two options is better for you.
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