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debating of getting a 2013 corvette GS or ordering a C7

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Hello! I'm new to this forum and looking forward to be a future vette owner. I do have a dilemma which i'm hoping to get some insight/advice from your precious experience regarding these remarkable vehicles. Since the C7 came out, the 2013 GS has some unbelievable bargains, I had two potential opportunities to get 1 below 44k brand new. From your previous experience (specially GS owners), is there value in going this route first for a first time future vette owner or should you rather skip this and order a C7? This would just be a weekend car with occasional track use and so the interior appointments in the C7 is not a priority. I do understand that in terms of performance the C7 is ahead but I believe ordering the C7 now would be at MSRP so in terms a better financial decision, is there value in ordering 2013 GS as a weekend car with occasional track use now for below 44k and trading it in 3 to 4 years down the road when the C7 prices stabilize? Any insight would be really helpful and thank you in advance!
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My friend just bought a "new" 2013 427 convertible and got a fantastic deal. You might find his logic helpful in making up your mind. He told me that he had owned "first of" Corvettes before and had not been real happy with that experience. He figured that with all the new technology used in the C-7 that there was bound to be issues that would already be worked out in a couple of years. In the meantime he would enjoy this 427 rag top that he figured he got a great deal on, and move on into the new C-7 convertible in a couple of years.
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