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Destination Charge vs Museum Pickup?

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Aside from the 2400 miles to drive home how does the museum delivery work on the price tag. It seems to be mutually exclusive destination charge or museum delivery. Is this correct or do we have the misfortune to have to pay both?
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The reason behind the law, as it seems to me, is crybaby car dealers association lobbying group with $$$ for the politicians who then did what they wanted, and we consumers are stuck with no other options.
The part which I find ludicrous is the destination charge is not a function of the delivery distance. Since I will not be doing a museum delivery (not because of cost, but rather because of time and distance) this translates to me saying that I personally should have to pay one of the highest destination charges in the country to get it transported to San Francisco. So be it: I choose to live here on the Pacific coast, so I should have to pay the price of being so far from Bowling Green. Also, I believe the other people who do choose to do a museum delivery should have a relatively inexpensive destination charge, because the museum is so close to the factory. Otherwise, those other people are essentially subsidizing my delivery for me to the west coast. Why should they pay for me? Ah yes, because the wealthy lobbyists and their elected politicians have decreed it to be so to "level the playing field". I believe quite strongly in a free market, so that really rubs me the wrong way.

I have no opinion on the museum delivery fee.
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I would posit that as consumers you always have the option not to buy a product if you are uncomfortable with the way it is being sold.
I think you misunderstand. My complaint isn't with GM; it is with the politicians in Washington and the one-size-fits-all destination charge. Following your suggestion, my recourse would be to not purchase any automobile. Unfortunately, that isn't extremely practical.
Is this the first new car you have ever purchased? This policy / regulation has been in place for decades.........
No, but until I read this thread, it had never truly sunk in that the destination charge was the same for the whole country, and what that implies in practice (the bulb never went on for me until considering the extreme example of the super short delivery to the museum).
I wonder how the destination charge is set. Is it that they compute the cost (plus profit) to the most remote part of the country and then force everyone to pay that (in essence, forcing consumers in most of the country to line the pockets of the delivery companies and pay more than they truly should have to pay for the service they are receiving), or do they compute an average delivery cost (plus profit) and force everyone to pay that (in essence, forcing consumers in the broad manufacturing swath from the Great Lakes states through the Midwest and down into the Deep South to subsidize the destination charges for people in California and Boston, for example)? Either way (fleecing on one hand, or on the other socialism at work similar to how it would be in a communist country) I would assume many people in the breadbasket of this country would not be too pleased if one were to have lengthy conversations with them on this subject, including the reason, and how, it was first initiated.
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OTOH, if I were able to accept delivery at the Museum then hand the car back to them for delivery to my local dealer I suppose I wouldn't have as much of a problem with the charge. I would almost be willing to pay for the Museum PDI instead of the delivery prep guy at the local dealership touching the car.
If I lived within a day's drive of the museum, I would do it. I am sure the museum delivery is worth every penny of the cost!
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