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Destination Charge vs Museum Pickup?

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Aside from the 2400 miles to drive home how does the museum delivery work on the price tag. It seems to be mutually exclusive destination charge or museum delivery. Is this correct or do we have the misfortune to have to pay both?
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If you do NCM Museum Delivery, you pay both because of a Federal law, passed in the late 1970's, enacted at the lobbying of car dealers association. Reason they pushed for it, is that they did not want other dealers, located closer to car manufacturing plants, to have a competitive advantage due to lesser delivery charges by some dealers being closer to the plant. It is now the same transporter or rail car delivery fee nationwide. So, since the cars go on transporters 1/3 of a mile to the National Corvette Museum, you pay as much as dealers located in the state of Washington for the transporter delivery fee. The NCM Museum Delivery fee is for a special experience. Please see these four threads as to why many, including me, will happily pay extra for the NCM delivery experience.
Webcam Corvette Blvd
National Corvette Museum - Museum Delivery
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Had a fantastic Museum Delivery experience on our C6, and very much looking forward to our 2015's Museum Delivery!
So does the $995 show up separate from the MSRP such that I might not have to pay tax on that $1000? I live in CO. 7.4% sales tax plus an additional "fee" spread over the first 4 years of another 5.7% and .45% for a few more years. I call this the CO hard workers tax. So about 15% on MSRP.

Museum Delivery, option R8C, costs $990, and like all other options, shows up on the window sticker.
Delivery Freight Charge/Transportation Charge/Shipping Fee (whatever you wish to call it), is a $995 cost, also shows up on the window sticker, but sorry, have no idea what Colorado law says in regards to whether the latter fee is taxed or not.
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