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Destination Charge vs Museum Pickup?

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Aside from the 2400 miles to drive home how does the museum delivery work on the price tag. It seems to be mutually exclusive destination charge or museum delivery. Is this correct or do we have the misfortune to have to pay both?
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What you have to understand is that the Destination Charge and Museum Delivery are two different functions. A destination charge is to get the vehicle from the manufacturer to the delivery point (normally your dealer, regardless of where they are located in the US). The museum delivery is an option (R8C) that you can choose if you want the experience of taking delivery at the National Corvette Museum. There are a number of unique items that you get with museum delivery that you do not get with a normal delivery to your museum. One, you get people to do the PDI on your car that all they do is PDIs on Corvettes. You may not think this is a big deal, but I do. If you meet these people you will see that they have a passion for the Corvette that is not seen by most dealer mechanics. Two, you get a VIP tour of the plant for up to 4 people. This tour is not time limited like a group tour. You have your own personal tour guide that will spend as much time with you as you desire. That person is also the person that will be delivering your car to you. They will also spend as much time as you need at the museum getting familiar with the car. This is your day and they try to make it special for you even though there are up to 7 other people taking delivery on the same day. The technician that was assigned to me had nothing to do with the other 7 deliveries. I never felt like I was one of 8, I did feel like it was my day. Plus, there is a personal tour of the museum itself. You also receive a special museum plaque for the dash and a wall plaque for your home. Everyone that I have met that has taken delivery at the museum has been pleased with the experience. I would highly recommend it.

It is also important to know that the museum is not owned or operated by GM. The people that organize and handle the delivery are employees of the museum and not employees of GM. By taking delivery at the museum does not negate the cost of having the car delivered across the street. What you have to remember, there is a destination cost and, if you so choose, a special museum delivery cost. If for some reason you choose to not do one of these, then it will be the museum delivery because the destination to the delivery point is not negotiable.

I hope this helps!
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