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Hi Everyone,

Over the last couple years I have been working on some groundbreaking suspension technology and wanted to get some feedback on it. My patent was recently approved and I have installed the system on two cars now. Just looking for some feedback, specifically if there would be a market for this type of product. Here goes:

Would you like even more control over the ride and handling of your Corvette? Until now, engineers have generally had to pick a point on the ride-handling spectrum when they set the overall spring rate of the car. Below is a (not great) representation of this spectrum.

Comfort (poor handling) <------------------------------> Crisp handling (poor ride quality)

The Corvette is definitely closer to the crisp handling side of the spectrum, as anyone who as driven on a Michigan service drive in the spring can tell you (pothole city). Magnetic dampers help, as they can adjust the speed of the compression, but stiff springs on a light car will only allow the suspension to compress so much, resulting in much of the imperfections to be transferred to you, the driver. Normal cars have much softer springs (and shocks), therefore handle imperfections better, but would be a body-roll nightmare on a track. With few exceptions, this compromise has existed for over a century.

My system gets rid of that compromise by allowing two selectable spring rates. You can pick an ultra-aggressive rate for the track, or a super comfortable rate to take for a cruise. The patented mechanical lockout system between the springs is the secret sauce. I have included some pictures that explain the process and product. Few things to clear up: looking to do aftermarket first, then eventually OEM cars. Second, its a coilover system, not compatible with C7s, but I really like the Corvette community (and love my 2014) so I wanted to post here! It would be applicable for C8's, or anything with a coilover conversion.

So the question is, would you be interested in a state-of-the-art aftermarket system that allows both unmatched comfort and track precision? Cost would be a slight premium over standard coilovers, same with weight, but overall a great value and nothing like it on the planet. Let me know in the comments, attached some pictures down there to further illustrate.

Thanks and I appreciate your feedback



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