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Dilemma...Sell or Store

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Guys, I have good news and bad news.

Good news:
I was offered a promotion today.

Bad news:
I have to move to Trinidad in January and my agency only pays for transport of one vehicle and will only pay to have one vehicle certified for road use.

I could either ship my C7 or my truck. If I take my truck then I would have to sell my C7 or store it long term (2 yrs).

Due to work, I know that I will need more room in a vehicle while in Trini so shipping the truck would be the most sensible option, but I want really want to have my C7 there with me, but paying the shipping/import taxes and fees to transport, plus getting it certified to drive in a right hand drive country is cost prohibitive.

I am trying to decide what to do. Sell or store long term. If I sell then I would need to get payoff. If I store then I have to keep it insured in storage while continuing to pay the note.

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I'm not going to offer to drive it gently wile you are gone.

I am going to offer to drive it while you are gone.
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