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Dilemma...Sell or Store

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Guys, I have good news and bad news.

Good news:
I was offered a promotion today.

Bad news:
I have to move to Trinidad in January and my agency only pays for transport of one vehicle and will only pay to have one vehicle certified for road use.

I could either ship my C7 or my truck. If I take my truck then I would have to sell my C7 or store it long term (2 yrs).

Due to work, I know that I will need more room in a vehicle while in Trini so shipping the truck would be the most sensible option, but I want really want to have my C7 there with me, but paying the shipping/import taxes and fees to transport, plus getting it certified to drive in a right hand drive country is cost prohibitive.

I am trying to decide what to do. Sell or store long term. If I sell then I would need to get payoff. If I store then I have to keep it insured in storage while continuing to pay the note.

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Sell it while you can command top dollar for it. By the time you get back there will be some serious different C-7 models to choose from. Cars don't sit well long term, they need to be driven to prevent seals from drying out and other parts from welding together that should not be. Sell it!
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