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Fuel Bib for those that might be a little sloppy with the fuel hose.

Step 1: Obtain an old inner tube (Bike, Car, Motorcycle, etc.) I didn't have any so I stopped by the Wally World at lunch and picked up a 26" Standard bicycle tube ($4.96).
Step 2: Inflate it to stretch it a little.
Step 3: Deflate and cut about 6 1/4" in length.
Step 4: Cut along one of the creases so you end up with a rectangle, round the corners if you like.
Step 5: Poke a hole about 1/4" from the top and 1/2" left of center (See where tip of screw driver is pointing).
Step 6: Remove screw from bottom of fuel nozzle housing using small hex key.
Step 7: Poke screw through hole in rubber piece / screw in, you can use a washer if you like.

See Photos Below


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Very clever! Might it work a bit better if you put the "v" from the tube so it faced down rather up as it appears in your photo? With it down it would form a center trough for the drips to run down.
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